As software engineers and professionals, we have found time and time again that participation in the wider tech community is hugely beneficial to our team.

Thus, we want to give back and share the knowledge we have gained from our work in software engineering with that community.

We love building things and examining our techniques to find better solutions. Our hope is that readers will learn ways to optimize their favorite technologies and novel ways to solve problems. All posts are authored by engineers from Aviture Inc.. Follow us at @Aviture or follow the individual authors as listed on their blog posts.

Who are we? Aviture is a software development firm. We believe that good ideas empowered by an in-depth technological understanding can make a real and lasting difference in the world. This philosophy is tempered by firsthand knowledge of bringing products to market, a knowledge which allows Aviture to not only deliver technology solutions, but to seamlessly adapt them to each customer’s specific needs. We provide big data analytics, visualization, and workflow design across web and mobile environments to bring the best solution to the table.

Find more on Aviture at aviture.us.com or read our Aviture Creed bitbucket.org/aviture/creed.